Location Map


If you were coming from Columbus:

From 270, get off at the 33 exit towards Lancaster, stay on 33 through Lancaster, after Lancaster, you will go about 15-20 miles and the four-lane will turn into a 2-lane. Keep going down 33 until you get into town. At the second light you will want to turn right on Hocking Parkway. Turn left at the first stop sign and The Paul Bunyan Show will be on the left hand side of the road.

If you were coming from Athens:

Take 33 towards Nelsonville. When the four-lane turns into a two-lane you will take a left at the first light which would be State Route 691. After you turn left on 691, you will want to take the first road to the right which will be Hocking Parkway. Go past Hocking College and you will see the Paul Bunyan Show on the right side of the road.



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